The continued development of the previous CNC-double-head tube bending machines resulted in the new CNC-multi-head-tube bending machines in modular construction.

With this machine type, depending on the version, up to 5 bending stations with up to 10 bending heads are bent at the same time. These machines are used in productions with high-volume quantities or changing requirements with regard to tube diameter and bend radius within the tubing.

The principle of the new CNC-multi-head tube bending machine is based on the proven technology of the CNC-double tube bending machines, in which two bending towers are mounted on a machine bed in a bending station. The new Dengler Tube Tec CNC-multi-head tube bending machines can be equipped in a modular sequence with up to 5 bending stations, in which every station can be equipped with 1 or 2 bending towers according to the respective requirements.

Advantages of the new CNC-multi-head tube bending machines
In comparison with CNC-double-head tube bending machines, tubes can be bent approximately twice as fast with the new double CNC-multi-head tube bending machines. At the same time, the investment for a multi-head bending machine is significantly less than for a comparable number of individual CNC-double-head tube bending machines, since expensive components groups such as the magazine, control as well as the different expansion options are only required once. An additional advantage is that the machine requires less space. The new functional setup now also makes the bending of different tube diameters and tube radii within a piping possible.

The advantages in comparison to diverse CNC-double-head tube bending machines

  • Shorter cycle times
  • Higher productivity
  • Lower investments
  • Reduced space required
  • More flexibility

Application area

Tube lengths (standard): 500 to 5,000 mm
Tube lengths (special design): 400 to 6,500 mm
Tube diameter: 3.2 to 12 mm
Material: Steel wrapped tube, aluminum tube
Usage area: Brake and fuel lines, cooling and ventilation lines

Special characteristics
Irrespective of the operating location of our bending machines, we can, if required, access the machine control as well as the sequence and bending programs on site for a remote diagnosis and intervene to make corrections if necessary.